Just Who's call who? LOL (General)

by BBDownunder, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 10:25PM (13 days ago) @ Tiqui1999

i'm so excited about this, Steffanatic! Why am I so excited?

Did you hear him say he wasn't at "liberty" to talk about Steffy?


I didn’t watch but I read it on Twitter. Liberty biberty.:lol

You need to watch. This anti-chemistry between Finn and Liam is intense!

I didn't get the impression that Liam is jealous. He did say to Finn something like..Steffy is your patient and if you are interested in her beyond that, that's fine I want Steffy to be happy. I think Liam is more concerned about Finn's personal feelings toward Steffy might cloud Finn's professional judgment DTR and maybe prescribe her more pills? That's my observation.

He wasn't one bit jealous. Just concerned that Finn's attraction to Steffy would influence his decision to give her more pills. And I didn't even see any animosity between the two of them. They were very cordial. I'm wondering what I missed. :neutral

You didn't miss anything..I saw the same things you did. They were actually civil..wasn't exactly like how I pictured the conversation would go (after reading the spoiler about them). Lately, the spoilers tend to be overblown IMO.

I never said it wasn't civil, but there was plenty of tension from my viewpoint. The two male actors are doing exactly what i thought they'd to show one how this dynamic would be of a new man coming into Steffy's life. Liam was not obvilious to it.

To me it was all about what Steffy's currently going through. Having to deal with pain while she's alone and not spending as much time with Kelly as she would like.

He din't even give one of his world famous constipated looks. :lol:-D

I think he did give one of those looks as he was stammering and chuckling, all uncomfortable because the doctor knew his daughter's name. More chuckles, uncomfortable looks and stammering when he asked who was calling whom. It was full of Liam being uncomfortable.

I think he was taken aback by the fact that Steffy's doctor had gotten so close to his patient that he knows her child's name. He was suspicious that Finn couldn't be objective because of his personal relationship with Steffy.

I do not buy that because Bill and Hope already prepped Liam for this. Bill made it very clear that the doctor was making house calls for a reason. So Liam already knew, which means that he should have talked to Steffy about this professionalism problem. Instead, he goes to Finn behind her back to see for himself.

Liam already knows from Hope that Steffy doesn't want anyone talking to her doctor, but he does anyway and even makes sure Finn knows that Steffy is significant to him because he's the mother of her child. Not one of the mothers, but "the" mother. And it doesn't matter if she's the mother of ten of his kids, that doesn't mean Finn can tell him anything. So why even assert it? because he's asserting his place in Steffy's life to establish his territory.

He could be questioning Finn's judgment at the same time. Both things are possible.

I just dont know who he thinks he is that he can just go question Steffy's doctor behind her back. Oh, I forgot, the baby daddy. :oops

University Hospital is very lax in its security processes if u can just go and bail up a doctor anywhere:-P

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