Sounds like they have SORASed Kelly? (General)

by BBDownunder, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 10:15PM (13 days ago) @ viennagirl

It was said she is 4 years old today. The timeline isn't surprising me. Douglas was born in 2016 and it was said he is 6 years old (the actor is 7). Kelly was born in June 2018 so it's logical they're aging her a little. Now we know she is 4.

It makes sense that dialogs said Kelly wanted to spend another night at the cabin. She is happy and likes being at the log cabin with Hope, Liam, Beth and Douglas. Aww :love

They age kids what about parents and grammy

What do you mean?

On screen we had children being aged single like in a bubble.

The TRIDGE kids got SORASed - but Hope has aged slowly until 2009.

In 2010 we had a SORASed Hope returning as a young 17 year old - and her brother had stayed a young child - and stayed a child (played by child actors Jack Horan, Mace Coronel) for years until 2016,
when he then got aged up with his actor Anthony turpel.

The writing and aging of kids never made sense.

We had Brooke's son Rick being SORASed to a young 17 year old and almost becoming a father right at the time Taylor had her twins.
Then we had the twins being SORASed to 18 year olds in 2006 - and Taylor still giving birth to Jack a year later.
(and Taylor has been a doctor and psychiatrist who has treated a toddler Rick once).

No writing that Taylor would be a mother in her 50'- 60's at the time of the Jack SL.

On soaps adults don't really get affected by the aging of the kids.

that is true.

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