Just Who's call who? LOL

MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, 9/15/2020, 8:26PM(37 days ago) @candycpw

i'm so excited about this, Steffanatic! Why am I so excited?

Did you hear him say he wasn't at "liberty" to talk about Steffy?


I didn’t watch but I read it on Twitter. Liberty biberty.:lol

You need to watch. This anti-chemistry between Finn and Liam is intense!

I didn't get the impression that Liam is jealous. He did say to Finn something like..Steffy is your patient and if you are interested in her beyond that, that's fine I want Steffy to be happy. I think Liam is more concerned about Finn's personal feelings toward Steffy might cloud Finn's professional judgment DTR and maybe prescribe her more pills? That's my observation.

He wasn't one bit jealous. Just concerned that Finn's attraction to Steffy would influence his decision to give her more pills. And I didn't even see any animosity between the two of them. They were very cordial. I'm wondering what I missed. :neutral

He's so jealous he can't see straight.:rofl

I really don't think so. Time will tell though, right?

Doncha know..Lope are done now, Liam's running straight to Steffy for a Leffy reunion as we speak. :rofl

Gross. Hope can have Liam. I don't want him NEAR Steffy.

I don't think Steffy minded him..she likes seeing Liam bringing Kelly back to her cliff house.

Not anymore! Have you seen Finn??? It's like filet mignon compared to kibbles and bits.

It's baconnnnnnnn! :lol
Sorry, another dog treat commercial popped into my head.

Team Liam Logan!!!
Lope 4EVA
This is a mope free zone.

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