Just Who's call who? LOL (General)

by EsterMD @, Somewhere in the Local Group!!!, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 8:24PM (2 days ago) @ candycpw

Finn seems like a nice guy for now. I will not deny it. But for how long, that is the question!!!
How is he gonna react if another woman decides she wants him & won't stop until she gets him. & if at the same time, Steffy is still thinking about Liam??? Will Finn stay 100% undivided & loyal to her??? No one can certify this for sure.
What if he realizes Steffy is only dating him because her ex does not want to be with her??? Will he start showing insecurities???
How about Finn's past??? We don't know anything about him. Who says he does not have dark secrets???
Liam has been on BandB for 10 years & he is the leading actor. Finn has been on 10 episodes & has ONLY interacted with Steffy. Let's compare these 2 guys in 2029/2030, if Finn is still on canvas & appeared in more than 1.5K episodes. :cool :cool :cool

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