Just Who's call who? LOL (General)

by EsterMD @, Somewhere in the Local Group!!!, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 8:01PM (2 days ago) @ candycpw

I think a part of Liam could be a little jealous. But if he wants Steffy back; I think he knows exactly what he needs to do. File for divorce, tell Steffy he is back & I am 99.99% certain she would jump for joy & elope with him tomorrow if he asked her.
I also think a bigger part of him is simply concerned. Concerned for Kelly; because her mother has an addiction that could potentially be dangerous. Concerned for Steffy, because the last guy who went after her (Bill) was a very unstable, dangerous person & he does not want it to happen again. Especially in THIS CONTEXT, Steffy is very vulnerable & an easy prey at the moment.
It's a mix between jealousy, concerns & mistrust.

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