Just Who's call who? LOL (General)

by Chapchick @, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 7:00PM (2 days ago) @ Tiqui1999

Liam was all, Did you call Steffy or did Steffy call you?

:lol :rofl :cry

"She called me. We made plans."

Something tells me Finn will be a force in Steffy's life and Liam ain't gonna like it. :-P

As Lady Gaga would say, "I love it!"

I am really gonna love Liam learning that he is not the man in steffy's life.

Both guys came off as inappropriate in this conversation. Liam is wrong to question a doctor about one of his patients but Finn is just as unethical to give him all the informations and answers he wanted. He crossed the doctor/patient line big time. He could have told Liam to make an appointment or ask Steffy himself.

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