Vinny and his pills and crush (General)

by LadyMac @, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 4:54PM (16 days ago) @ Tiqui1999

Vinny did as he did with Thomas. He assumed the need to supply for free. That's what drug dealers do, right? Then you have to pay once you are hooked.

So does he have this crush or is he doing a free sample? Vinny was practically living with a girlfriend when zoe was at his place. What happened to that?

A friend of mine posted a message earlier this week that her son OD'd on a Percocet he bought from a dealer. He had to be revived by his father. And then at work I conducted a hearing on child endangerment where the 5 year old went over to his neighbor because "mommy and daddy wouldn't wake up". Mommy is dead. Daddy is in the hospital, clinging to life. Overdose. Bad time for this story line.

I know Steffy's in pain but he also acknowledged that she knows the pills Vinny is supplying are illegal. I hope she doesn't do anything to put Kelly in harm's way.

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