Just Who's call who? LOL

Tiqui1999 @, 9/15/2020, 4:16PM(131 days ago) @Drangonfly

i'm so excited about this, Steffanatic! Why am I so excited?

Did you hear him say he wasn't at "liberty" to talk about Steffy?


I didn’t watch but I read it on Twitter. Liberty biberty.:lol

You need to watch. This anti-chemistry between Finn and Liam is intense!

I didn't get the impression that Liam is jealous. He did say to Finn something like..Steffy is your patient and if you are interested in her beyond that, that's fine I want Steffy to be happy. I think Liam is more concerned about Finn's personal feelings toward Steffy might cloud Finn's professional judgment DTR and maybe prescribe her more pills? That's my observation.

He wasn't one bit jealous. Just concerned that Finn's attraction to Steffy would influence his decision to give her more pills. And I didn't even see any animosity between the two of them. They were very cordial. I'm wondering what I missed. :neutral

Check my post. in reply to hopeyougogirl. It shows what i feel about it and what I saw.

I get it. I just didn't see it the same way. ;-)

Okay, but as bolded above, you asked what you missed, so I was showing you.

I was referring to the general consensus of the thread that Liam was acting jealous, not your OP specifically.

The funny thing is, there have been many times when Bell wanted us to think something was happening but then it turns out to be a tease. Like when they showed the closeups of Hope's face when Thomas and Zoe were flirting. But this time I didn't even see that. And believe me, I was looking for it. :-D

All I saw was him sounding worried that Finn couldn't be objective as her doctor if he's interested in her romantically.

I don't know where the jealousy came in. I'm speaking from the viewpoint that just because Liam doesn't want steffy, that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy her fawning over him, pining for him, and that doesn't mean he doesn't like that fact that she can't get over him. That was my meaning when I started that thread. He's about to get that bubble burst.

If that's jealousy, then I guess it is. He can be jealous of someone taking his place even though he doesn't even want that place.

And I did see that with Hope and Thomas and zoe. Hope didn't want him, but she was disconcerted that he was suddenly paying someone else that same attention. It's a natural feeling. But i saw it then and I see with liam now. That's just my view.

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