Just Who's call who? LOL (General)

by candycpw, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 2:55PM (16 days ago) @ l.c

Hope is MARRIED to Kelly's father, and per dialogs they have already spent a lot of time together. Kelly loves being around Hope and her half-sister. Finn is a complete stranger for Kelly (has he ever seen her?) and Steffy doesn't know a damn thing about him. Bill wanted to be Kelly's stepfather and Thomas wanted to be Beth's stepfather and both guys turned out to be stalkers. Kelly's father has to make sure this stranger is trustworthy and apparently Steffy (with her addiction and her lies) will give him every reeasons to think otherwise

I'm sorry I must have missed something. What lies has Steffy told? And as far as trustworthy goes, there is nothing that shows Finn isn't. Now Liam on the other hand can't be trusted as far as you can throw him.

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