WOBB 3.0 is coming... (General)

by Soap-Passion @, Sunday, August 30, 2020, 1:12AM (30 days ago) @ Admin

An update of the rules would be wonderful. A few examples here:

- The rule about the actor bashing. But 2 other posters already explained it well, so I won't repeat it. I just think it should be clarified.

- The pictures - what is allowed and what is not? Is it allowed to upload the cover of a magazine or a page of a magazine? I thought there were issues with copyrights, but I see threads with magazines pictures and they don't disappear. Sometimes the thread is deleted, other times it sticks on the board. A more specific rule should be added in the rules thread.

- Discussing other boards/ talking about the other viewers' opinions and the popularity of actors/characters. I really don't know where is the line, at this point. 2 weeks ago, there was a thread describing how Flo and Wyatt were "being dragged on Twitter", and it wasn't deleted, but the next day a similar thread about Hope was immediately deleted. I also see more and more threads with posters debating polls from other boards or discussing about trends on Facebook and Twitter. I always hesitate to participate in these discussions because one day such threads get deleted and the following day it stays on the board. I think a very specific rule needs to be added about this.

- Another thing that upsets me is posters speaking for other fans (or even for the entire vieweship). Sentences like "we all know Brooke is..." or "the majority agrees with me". Or "Steffy fans want this", and "no Hope fans want that". I have done it myself because there is no specific rule. I would appreciate if this part could be clarified.



One more thing, I'd like to have more categories for new topics. It would be more helpful for the guests. For now we have "general", "spoilers" and "off topic" but other categories could be added. Here are a few suggesions:

"Rumors" or "spumors" (for unverified spoilers with no sources)
"Speculations" or "predictions" (the poster predicts something will happen)
"Wishes" (the poster explains what he/she wants to happen)
"Articles" (recap of a SOD article, recap of an episode, or analysis from another site)
"Questions" (the poster has a question about an episode or a character/storyline, or anything related to B&B)
"Opinion request" (the poster wants to know the opinion of other posters about a character or a storyline or the soap in general)
"Ratings" (for the last ratings report or for a specific discussion about ratings)
"History" (for a discussion about an old storyline - one that has no impact on the current storylines. Or a discussion about a character/couple who is no longer on canvas...)
"Off topic" and "spoilers" stay.
The rest falls under "general" (the OP shares an opinion about a current/recent character, couple or storyline, or another aspect of the soap)

(And, of course, each poster would be forced to pick the right category before he/she submits the thread.)

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