WOBB 3.0 is coming... (General)

by MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, Friday, August 28, 2020, 6:12AM (33 days ago) @ BuckyBoy

To celebrate the recent return of brand new episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, we thought we'd let everyone know that we've been hard at work on forum upgrades and improvements. And while we don't have anything specific to announce just yet, we wanted to give everyone a heads up to let you know that even when the show had to pause production, we've been keeping busy here!

While we're still working on the updates, we'd like you to provide some feedback to help us determine what to focus on now, as well as what else to work on for future versions.

So let us know what you'd like to see by replying here. While we can't promise we'll be able to add every feature that people suggest, we can assure you that we will give every suggestion due consideration. And if you intend to ask us to make it easier to access the board on your phone, you can rest assured that the primary goal of the update was to make sure that the days of squinting at tiny links on your phone will soon be gone forever!

After just (not)reading an extremely long post in another thread, PLEASE incorporate a character limit in all posts. It is inconsiderate of any poster to believe that others are interested in reading 4, 5, 6, or more paragraphs they write, not as an OP, but a response to any post.

That would unfortunately make making the lists, like the fantastic wedding list we had, impossible to do. And that would be bad.

If a character limit is a factor, posts like that would be ok. The issue is more when a poster drops 8 paragraphs of transcripts and analysis in the middle of a thread. IMO.

Team Liam Logan!!!
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