WOBB 3.0 is coming... (General)

by Ilovebizzie, Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 4:55PM (34 days ago) @ mscherry

Well you know in a way we do have an ignore feature here: the set up of the board.

You don’t see a post unless you click on it. Unlike at SC or SSK where you see every post unless you scroll past.

So, if I see a name that I know is probably going to be an argumentative post, I just don’t click that post.

Also, we have the ability to see new posts to a thread by looking at the right hand side of the board. You can’t see who made the post, but you can see that there is a new one and what thread it is.

This board would benefit by being set up the way the old Xena board was, where they had sections for various fandoms. Example, a section for fans of Xena/Gabrielle as a couple and a section for Xena/Ares as a couple.

That would spare us the arguments if we could have a Hope fan section, Steffy fan section, etc..as well as threads getting derailed with the fan wars which imo is a big problem at this board. A thread starts off about one thing and ends up being the 19098764689th argument about who Liam loves more/who is more worthy of him.

I skip most of it.

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