WOBB 3.0 is coming... (General)

by Freya, Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 10:54AM (36 days ago) @ kizilay

When I registered, I rememeber how the Steam fans very being targetted until the couple's breakup in July 2018. There were 3 Lope fans (they aren't posting anymore today) responding "Steffy just banged her father-in-law" (or messages with similar content) to every single posters that had a different opinion. These 3 easily had over 100 posts per day and never allowed anyone to have an opposite opinion. This kind of scenario should be avoided. I still think some posters are abusing with this, today. I only log in 2 or 3 times a week and I rarely post more than 5 messages per day. A limit of 10 or 15 messsages would be nice, in my opinion. There are hardly ever more than 15 new threads in 24 jours, anyway. Again, I totally understand if it is not possible. I am suggesting ways for improvement, like you asked.

I wasn't on this board in 2018 (I can only imagine) but this still happens to this day. It's like if you post something positive about your favorite character, you suddenly get bombarded with posts bringing up unrelated events and stuff from years ago. There are some who will respond to every post that doesn't praise their preferred character(s).

Then people end up arguing about stuff that is completely unrelated to the original post. I think the ignore feature would help. Muting can really improve one's posting experience.


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