WOBB 3.0 is coming... (General)

by BuckyBoy, Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 9:46AM (24 days ago) @ BBDownunder

Furthermore I think a message board should be more for OPINIONS and less for debates. I would only allow 1 post per person for each thread, and only direct responses to the OP. The OP posts spoilers or an opinion and the responses to the OP are locked and no one can add another post. This would be the best way to avoid the unending baiting and fan wars. Everyone is entitled to his opinion and should be respected. It is also more respectful to the person who starts the thread. All the threads would look like this one:


if we are allowed to post only once we may miss out on breaking news a poster has just discovered because they have already posted that day.

Yeah, I don't think limiting posts per thread or by day would work at all. Many times I reply to different people's questions or messages in the same thread - adding them up in a single reply would make it difficult for the person who's message I'm replying to, to realize that their question has been answered.
It would basically destroy the purpose of this board.

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