WOBB 3.0 is coming...

MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, 8/24/2020, 7:51PM(59 days ago) @EsterMD

It is not really a suggestion; but I think it would be nice to have more more members around here.
I read this forum since late 2016/early 2017 & the number of vocal users has never evolved. A lot of former users are gone (for various reasons) & new ones registered, but the number of people voicing their opinions has not increased or decreased.
BandB has 35 Millions viewers & a large percentage of them speaks english. The Official FB page has nearly 1 million followers. I regret so few viewers come here.
I would love to see new people. Other from the same 30 habitual posters who repeat the same things every day. Apart from that, this forum is GREAT. No need to change a thing for me. :-) :-) :-)

Good post!

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