Brad Bell: Steffy (General)

by Steffyfanatic, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 2:42PM (6 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

Steffy came out strong by boinking her her FIL? Sounds weak and trashy to me !

I think it takes a lot of strength to handle the stallion. She got some good knees.:lol

I'm beginning to wonder about the stallion. Steffy and Quinn both had him and still they wanted Liam.

They obviously have brain damage from their heads hitting the head board too hard during thier wild night with Bill.:lol

But it’s always an injury/accident that caused Steffy to be “enamored” by a dude..what a love story?! :lol Seems to be an unhealthy habit of hers.

Girls love the heroes.

Let's hope Finn treat her better.

He better or I’ll drag him to hell.:lol


Bill to Steffy: You're a grand prize. You're a queen. The total package. Brains, beauty, warmth, heart.
Steffy + Finn =SINN
#JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #BLM

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