Bell on Ridge, Bill, Steffy & Expectations (General)

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Digest: Now that Bill is responsible for Steffy's accident, where does this leave him as a character and with his relationship with Ridge?:

Bell: Well, the whole rivalry is flaring up again. They went from dislike to disdain, and now they can't stand one another. Ridge, especially, he's had it with Bill. We're going to see a great rivalry continue to unfold with Bill and Ridge, and Steffy will be right in the middle of it.

Digest: Any message you have for the fans of what they can expect in the months ahead?

Bell: I'm so grateful to the fans for continuing to stay loyal to BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. We've got some great drama ahead, all of the fan favourites and some new faces and exciting drama. We're continuing to deliver what I think will be one of the best years in the show's history.

Credit: Soap Opera Digest August Issue

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Well that's great news! If it's going to be one of the best years in the show's history that means Hope must be gone! YAY!!!!!:dance2

:rofl :rofl

The writers aint gonna laugh for long if their ratings don't go up ASAP. 1,1 millions viewers decided not to come back, despite all the interviews/articles & promoting of Steffy's big story. I admire Bell's optimism, but one of the best years of the show's history? A little too overconfident, imo.

I think they didn’t come back because they knew lope was a bore but with new story with Steffy it will add zip to the show....lopes a story of a geez couple living with mommy ...boreing

:roll . Lope haven't been onscreen since late March and the cabin ceremony. The numbers went up for these 2 episodes, with 3.7M Viewers. Lope have been MIA after that, and they were NOT mentionned in the spoilers for the 1st week after the hiatus.
The only character who is highly promoted is Steffy. Bell has stated Steffy would be front and center in a new stoty with a new love interest, and she was mentionned in most spoilers. 1.1M didn't come back to see that storyline. I am not going to blame 2 backburnered characters for these record lows.

Hmm there was a pandemic...could they give us another five screen like a rebate...

Hmmmmm. Steffy has her own sl but she needs Ridge, Bill, Liam, Hope and a new doctor to support it. Can't she do it alone. Oh she Might possibly need Kelly and Thomas too.

Well, Bill is the one who hit her, Ridge is her father and the doc is her new love interest so why wouldn’t they be involved in it? Other than helping to care for Kelly while she recuperates Lope has no reason to be there. I guess Bell doesn’t know what else to do with them now...


They could start t a tomato farm Hope mentioned she was good at it

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