from spoiler about quinn and shauna--my theory (Spoilers)

by Barbybo, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 2:31PM (6 days ago) @ Soap-Passion

Quinn and Shauna are keeping a secret?

what if they are lying that shauna married ridge, what if the marriage license was a fake?

then later shauna could suggest to ridge to "renew their vows"(since they dont remember it?) and then the marriage will be real? :lol :lol :rofl

This was in the "What will happen" section of SOD. Page 59.

The exact wording is "Quinn demands that Shauna vow to never tell a living soul what they did"

I am guessing something happened off-screen and the audience didn't see it and will find out in the coming episodes.

Maybe when they were young buddies

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