Happy Birthday to Jennifer Gareis (Donna)!! (General)

by hopeyougogirl, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 2:11PM (6 days ago) @ q

This stunning lady turns 50 today.
What story lines do you want Donna involved in?


Nice pic of JG. I would love to see her reunite with Justin. And IMO, Bell should have brought back Marcus instead of Zende. Marcus would give Bell more potentials of s/l's..1) he's the bio son of Donna and Justin..2) he had a history with Steffy..3) he and Carter are brothers. I would much preferred Marcus back than Zende.

Bring back Marcus but no to Justin. Justin is nothing but a yes man lap dog for Bill. He should have been smart enough to put Quinn in jail fir what she did with Liam. If he wasn't capable he shoukd have gotten a good attorney to do it.
Woukd like to see Quinn screw things up with Eric again and put Donna in that sl. Donna and Eric at one time was my favorite couple.

I like Donna and Eric too..plus, Marcus is Eric's adopted son..so that would work for me as well.

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