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by q, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 1:49PM (6 days ago) @ candycpw

Taking meds while you're in pain is one thing. Becoming addicted to pills when you're 30 and have a 3 years old daughter is different.

Hope was mocked, targetted and bullied by Bill, Pam, Steffy, Amber, the paparazzi and the press when she had her addiction, and several people lied and manipulated in order to end her relationship with her boyfriend.

I am only speculating for now. Maybe this stryline is just a tease and there will be no addiction at all. All I'm seeing is I'm interested to see what happens to her if she has an addiction. How the audience and how the other characters will perceive her... and these characters will all gang up on her or rather support her.

I speculate everybody will coddle a mopey Steffy..she's not going to be ganged up like Hope had to put up with all those nasty bullies. :roll

Hope ganged up on???? OMG it's exactly the opposite. Everything nasty little thing that Hope does gets swept under the rug. People always making excuses for her nasty behavior.

That's exactly what happened see bold above.

If she was it was because she was called out for being a hypocrite. Now everybody and their mother makes excuses for her.

Don't think so.

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