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by Barbybo, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 1:00PM (7 days ago) @ BoldReason

Earned? The position was going to be given to Quinn or Rick. Eric was on bad terms with Steffy and Ridge. They became CEO thanks to a bribe. I think this mistake should he corrected. Let Rick, Thorne, Kristen or Felicia take over.

Now you know that Steffy owns nearly 40% of that company! It’s hers and it’s irrevocable. She has never had a misstep running it, unlike her father who’s personal life is crazy. Rick, like Thomas, is too crazy to run Forrester. He abused his position the last time he was in power. Terrorizing and bullying Aly into a nervous breakdown was not cool. Ridge is always into something regarding women and is not stable. Steffy earned the position by doing well and actually running the company technically on her own. But now she is physically unable to do so. That is the only reason why one of Ridge’s siblings should step in.

Forty percent and ceo that’s my girl...let’s see rick owns zero....I wonder if quinn gets erics share in the will I hope so it would drive um crazy.....then they could pink slip them useless logans

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