Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency (General)

by PatriotGirl @, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 11:56AM (9 days ago) @ candycpw

That’s all true but the good news is, now there’s a hot new guy on the show to be a shoulder for Hope to lean on when most likely Liam and Steffy start their flirty/cheating stuff again.

Let the games begin!

Maybe Hope can manipulate them apart. That would be fun to watch.

Dr. Finn is out of Hope's league.

Maybe Hope will contact Bill, hide Fin's phone and make him think Steffy doesn't want him, and have Steffy trapped in a gondola while she throws herself at Finn. How sweet karma it would be for Steffy. But Hope won't to that. She isn't a conniving,, violent, manipulative interloper. And she would never sink that low to be a man's second choice. That's Steffy's MO

Yeah, she just secretly goes to lawyers to find ways to take full custody of other people’s kids without telling them. Pretends to want the father to get him to sign over his child. Tosses him over a railing and leaves him to die in a vat of acid. Nothing conniving, violent or manipulative about any of that. :whistle

Yes, sweet gentle Hope.

Such a kind angel. :rofl

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