Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

q, 8/1/2020, 11:35AM(322 days ago) @l.c

I never said she electrocuted her deliberately. But she did set up the entire situation when she blabbed Tivy's kiss to Wyatt, this is why Ivy confronted yet. She did provoke this accident and then she lied to Baker at the hospital
Ivy filled the RO after the first accident. Steffy broke it the very next day, Ivy hit her head and had a concussion. 2 weeks later, Ivy was leaving to Australia and Steffy had to get in her face and scare her. She fell down the stairs because of Steffy.
Liam called off the engagement the morning after Statt's snuggle. Steffy never told him about Wyatt coming to her bedroom shirtless and sneaking into his bed.
Being in shock about Aly's death is no excuse. She lied to Thorne. Baker questionned her 1 month after her death. He asked her what happened. Steffy told him Aly fell. She withheld what really happened.

She sure wasn't in shock after the funeral when she wanted to go home and have sex.

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