2 decent men fighting over ZOE? (General)

by Barbybo, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 10:03AM (10 days ago) @ q

I hear you. Why not Nicole or Maya? Even Sasha would be a better option. She has history with Zende and Carter knows her. Zoe should be rotting in jail with her father, or stuck with Thomas. Certainly not front and center in a triangle and working at Firrester

I agree. Bring back someone else. Zoe is boring and can't be trusted. She was supposedly so in love with Thomas and yet practically the next day she's flirting with Carter in the office. She didn't keep her mouth shut about Beth for her dad, she kept quiet because she wanted to keep the lifestyle she had at Forrestor. She's a cheap gold digger. Send her back to England.

Maya kept a huge secret, then transferred her own sister the baby mama....I did enjoy sasha cause she was little Naughtie ..but her dad was a real heel I never want the daddy back....I do like carter cause he’s decent

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