SOD Spoilers from SSK (Spoilers)

BabyKelly, 8/1/2020, 9:44AM(176 days ago) @Ozboldfan

Zende will be in the mix with Zoe and Carter. The Avants, including Nicole and Maya will be seen throughout the fall.

Finn will be immediately taken with Steffy and will add to the dynamic with Steffy/Hope/Liam, Steffy has a big battle ahead.

This romance is happening way too fast if you ask me. Steffy and Finn have barely shared their first scene and next week she is already enamored and take with him? Steffy waited for years to have a viable love interest besides Liam. The writers should take time to build it up and connect them. Not only the start of this relationship is based on pain and likely an addiction, but if it's happening that fast, then it's a rebound and it won't amount to any long-term love story. The fact that Liam and Hope are inserted so early in this storyline tells me where it's headed. Down the road, The doctor will do something and hurt Steffy, Lope will implode when Liam shows jealousy and Steffy will be torn in the middle.

SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH LIAM AFTER hitting her head so its not too quick at all :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Steffy and Liam had known each other for over a year when she hit her head. She worked with him on her lingerie line and showed interest in him several months before the bathtub incident. They were close and had a nice friendship. It didn't come out of nowhere. In this instance, they have not really met yet (outside of the 3 seconds scene at the hospital with Steffy half conscious) and next week he is already taken by her? When there is no buildup to 1 relationship, this is usually doomed before it starts

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