Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency (General)

by Lilgan ⌂ @, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 7:11AM (10 days ago) @ aliceneversmarinedelterme

And that's on Liam. Whenever she gave him ots he refuaed them.\
Aand Hope not showing up is not a reason to marry Steffy, not if he wants Hope. He should have said no and gone looking for Hope.

Liam married Steffy freely and he went after Hope. In other words, Liam is the one manipulating and lying, playing games, who refuses to let go either girl.

After he proposed to Steffy and they spent the night together, she offered him an out, he refused.

When he asked space and time to choose, Hope was constantly at his face while Steffy wouldn't take his calls and he got furious about it.

When Steffy told him to go looking for Hope after reading the letter he refused throwing himself at Steffy.Should I go on?

Liam has his faults but Steffy isn’t blameless in that triangle. She wasn’t played or used by Liam. Everything that happened she allowed to happen because she was desperate.
She always knew what was going on.
Steffy knew Liam wanted to marry Hope that day. Steffy also knew that Bill was planning something, like she admitted.
Hope not showing up wasn’t an excuse for her to make out with Liam and believe that he’ll be with her.
She made her her choices then got hurt.

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