Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

Lilgan ⌂ @, 8/1/2020, 6:26AM(322 days ago) @aliceneversmarinedelterme

Except that she didn't know anything about it and was a victim. Proving once again what a heartless sc..g Liam is.All these scenes show the emotional abuser Liam is.

It doesn’t matter whether she knew about it or not. Her previous behaviors towards Liam and Hope is the reason why Liam had no faith in her and turned on her fast and looked at her with disgust. If Steffy wasn’t a master manipulator in Aspen and Cabo, Liam wouldn’t have called her out for manipulating before running to Hope.

The point still stands though, Liam knows how to call out Steffy when she behaves poorly which does often considering how often he’s cruel to her.

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