Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

Freya, 8/1/2020, 4:54AM(323 days ago) @Antigua
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He already looks totally unlikable for not blaming her.

Liam already lost a baby because selfish Steffy only thought about herself. Then she broke her vows and ran like the coward she is. He should have hated her after that. She took a child away from him.

What kind of mother with a 3 years old girl would risk riding another motorcycle, after 2 recent painful experiences? Only an Awful one. Now she is going to be hooked on drugs as a consequence. Everyone should blame her. What will Liam do if Kelly has an accident while Steffy is on meds? Nothing.

If he doesn't take actions immediately, then they both deserve to lose custody of Kelly. Steffy and her anger issues is dangerous, and Liam is too stupid to see it. Kelly would be safer with adoptive parents.

There's nothing wrong with riding a motorcycle. It was Bill who hit her and he's been involved intwo accidents. Does that mean that no one should drive cars or does that only apply to motorcycles?

Steffy has done nothing wrong and Liam would never blame her for it. It was Bill's fault. The first accident was caused by someone running a red light. Again. Not Steffy's fault.

Hooked on drugs? Trauma patients are supposed to get pain medication. Since when is it a crime to get treatment for an accident? Should people have surgery with no anesthetic? That makes no sense.

Didn't Hope stand at the top of a staircase in very high heels while pregnant. Then she fell and lost Wyatt's kid. I guess she should never do that again. Of course Hope selfishly left her husband and even spent her last moments in town with another man. Just like she celebrated the loss of Steffy and Liam's first baby. The difference is that Steffy would never celebrate the death of a child like Hope did.

"And now she's my ride or die. My B&B Queen. I know all her secrets, and she knows mine." Scott talking about Jacqui.


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