2 decent men fighting over ZOE? (General)

by Freya, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 4:30AM (10 days ago) @ rain4
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I wished I was hallucinating, but this is what the previews say!

How can Bell seriously put her character in the middle of a love triangle, especially with 2 decent men like Zende and Carter, and so shortly after her involvement with Reese? The actress who plays Zoe is pretty (though I certainly prefered Nicole and Sasha) but what is there to like about her character?

I could start another comment to explain how frustrated I am that Steffy and Finn are going to be right in the middle of Hope and Liam's marriage/Family, but I stop for today. The thoughts of Flo being the great love of Wyatt's life and now Carter and Zende battling for a woman like Zoe are bad enough.

I'm not a Zoe fan but she had no control over what her father did and if Flo gets to have a love story, so should Zoe. At least Zoe was protectng her father. Flo just did it for money. The thing is... the baby storyline is over and everyone has to move on. It doesn't apply anymore.

As for Steffy and Finn, I haven't seen them do anything to Liam and Hope. They've only been in the hospital. Bell said they would be having lots of scenes together. The previews I've seen show that Liam and Hope are the ones inserting themselves into Steffy's life and home. Liam was always going to be involved in anything Steffy did because they share a daughter and so they are still a family. Since the show returned, Liam's two scenes have been with Steffy while Hope is offscreen. That's what the writers always do. The only new thing is that Finn has been added to the mix as Steffy's love interest. I like him so far :love


Liam to Steffy: I think about you and Kelly all the time and you are always in my heart (7/22/2020)

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