Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency (General)

by EnuffAlready, Texas, Friday, July 31, 2020, 10:28PM (4 days ago) @ l.c

Everything I said happened on my screen. Sheila was shot by Steffy. Ivy was pushed against an electrical panel by Steffy after she blabbed Tivy's affair to Wyatt. Steffy broke a RO and harassed Ivy and broke her promise to Liam. Ivy fell down the stairs when Steffy broke the RO. She slept half-naked in bed with Wyatt and wouldn't come clean to Liam when he confronted her.. She lied to everyone about Aly's death and hid the evidence. It all happened.

But not exactly the way you continue to post it. We will NEVER see the show the same way, and frankly, l.c, I'm not going to continue.

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