Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

candycpw, 7/31/2020, 7:50PM(318 days ago) @l.c

Then why did she lie to Lt. Baker when he questionned her? Why lie if she was innocent? This push was violent and was very similar to Taylor and Morgan's. And why did she continue to bully and harass Ivy until she broke a RO? She pushed Ivy against the panel and never paid for it. Maybe not intentionally, but she did, and she lied, and got away with it. And Liam condoned everything, as usual-

Number 1, Steffy never pushed Ivy. If you watch Steffy was down and Ivy was basically on top of her and when Steffy pushed Ivy it was to get her off of her. Saying the push was violet is ridiculous. And talking about never paying for anything... Hope pushed Thomas into a vat of "acid". Brooke pushed Thomas off of a cliff. Bunch of lies coming from the precious Logan's about those incidents and I didn't see Big or Little Hypocrite paying for anything.

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