Liam Does Have A Little Bit Of Decency

apbas88 @, 7/31/2020, 3:24PM(323 days ago) @candycpw

Meh. All the Spencer idiots have blinders on, when it comes to Steffy. Liam defended her after Aly's death and after she electrocuted, terrorized Ivy and violated a RO, shot Sheila. He forgave her almost instantly for sleeping with daddy. His opinion means nothing, he wasn't there, he didn't see what happened. I saw her ignoring pannels and speeding. She was reckless. And it doesn't wash her for her accident in Cabo, nor for riding a motorcycle while pregnant (after she promised him she wouldn't)

He's decent because he doesn't blame her for things that aren't her fault. He would be a real jerk if he did. Steffy wasn't speeding and it has never been stated that she was. And Steffy didn't electrocute Ivy. Ivy fell into that panel. Steffy didn't push her into it. Ivy was actually going after Steffy and when Steffy was trying to get her off she went into the panel. You know the same as when Hope shoved Thomas into the vat of supposed acid. And Aly was self defense. What was Steffy supposed to do? Let Aly have at her. GMAB!!!

Awesome post :cool :cool And exactly what happened

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