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by FataMorgana, Wednesday, July 01, 2020, 3:43PM (34 days ago) @ kizilay

Brad Bell: We used Katrina Bowden's [Flo Fulton] husband, Ben [Jorgensen], last week as a stunt kisser and toucher, and it came out very well! We're using stand-ins, which are body doubles usually, that stand in for actors basically when they're in there doing scenes alone, but [scenes that need to look like they are in close proximity with another actor]. So, they can be very close to one another, and then we shoot one actor at a time and then edit it together, and it looks like they're in very close proximity.

Source: Soap Central

They started filming last week. If Flo was kissing someone it can only be Wyatt. I hope it means Wyatt/Flo/Sally will be wrapped up quickly when the show returns and Sally can move on with her own storyline . Let Wyatt and Flo be in the backburner after that. They are by far the worst couple on the show at the moment.

Flo/Wyatt/Sally is a total flop. It's similar to Hope/Liam/Steffy but with 3 less popular characters. Flo stole a baby and Sally is turning into a psycho now. Hope and Steffy made mistakes but never as big as Flo and Sally's. Plus, Wyatt was the only loyal guy on the show for so long, putting him in the middle of a triangle doesn't work. They need to make him strong and funny again, though I don't know if it will be possible with Flo. If Bell wants to get a lot of viewers back, he needs to wrap it up as soon as possible. I think he knows it and if he had big plans for this trio, he may have changed them. I also think Wyatt will bust Sally and reunite with Flo and Sally will get her own story. If the spoiler about Flo having a love scene is true, that should be it.

I never saw this as a triangle to begin with. Sally was just not accepting the fact Wyatt dumped her, and yes Wyatt does not belong in a triangle anyway. I think Wyatt and Flo can do allot together.

Im glad they seem to wrap this up fast.

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