Nice reminder of Steffy/Aly Wivy's story (General)

by BBDownunder, Wednesday, July 01, 2020, 1:34AM (89 days ago) @ rain4

I had mixed feelings about Rick and Maya's love story and wedding, but today the other scenes got my attention.

So this episode only aired a couple of weeks after Aly's death. I could see how tense and guilty Steffy looked in her conversation with Wyatt. One thing will never change, she will always have Aly's blood on her hands, and I don't know how she can live with herself after all the lies she told everyone. If she was so innocent like she claimed, there was no reason to panic, let alone beg Wyatt to erase Ivy's video. Even if Steffy did not kill her on purpose (though I think JMW would disagree, she said in an a magazine in 2015 that she killed her) she couldn't have handled it worse. Like she said, she had other options: she could have locked herself in her car, driven away, called the police or Aly's family or ran away from her. Instead she yanked a hysteric Aly out of her car and confronted her. First mistake. Then after she hit her, she threw the weapon in the bushes and lied to the ambulance. A few hours later, she lied to Liam's face and slept with him instead. A few days later she looked Aly's father in the eyes and brazenly lied to his face when he asked her what happened. She lied to Lt. Baker again when he questionned her and tried to manipulate Wyatt into deletting the video. A few months later, she almost did the same to Ivy. Again, she lied to the police and when they filled a restraining order against her, she violated it and caused another big accident. I'll never understand why Bell wrote all these terrible stories for Steffy and how easily she got away with everything. She never suffered any consequences for any of this. Instead, Liam disappeared and all of a sudden Steffy was the victim and everything she did got swept under the rug...

The other characters in this storyline were hardly better, that being said. Ivy started blackmailing Thomas with her video and Wyatt went along with it. It also reminded me of how Wyatt systematically used to chase after Liam's leftlover. First Hope, then Steffy, then Ivy and then Steffy again. I think he sincerely loved Hope, but I never bought his undying love for Steffy and Ivy. There are millions of women in L.A and Liam only dated 3 of them, there is no way his brother could be so madly in love with the same 3 women. Don't know he was just trying to prove a point or stick it to Liam, but I didn't like his role at all. He was better with Katie and now Sally. I never thought Ivy blackmailing Steffy was about Aly either. Ivy was just getting back at Steffy for taking Liam away from her. She was using Wyatt to make Liam jealous and it was a way to punish Steffy. Ivy and Wyatt spent most of their rebound relationship in bed, ruminating on Liam and Steffy and watching the video of Aly's death. She didn't honor her cousin like she claimed. I don't know why they made Ivy so bitter before she left. Going as far as cheating on her boyfriend with her own cousin and chasing his brother before he proposed to her. Liam and Thomas were also reduced to Steffy's lapdogs in this storyline. I hated how Liam always stood by her after all of her mistakes and anger issues. He shyly confronted her after Ivy's electrocution but he let away with everything. It is sad that his character had to wait until Hope returned and Steffy slept with his dad so he could finally open his eyes and leave. After his storyline with Quinn, he forgot everything about Aly'y death and Ivy's accidents. He couldn't even remember finding her in bed with his brother when he came home. Between all her lies and manipulations to get him, her bullies and conspiracies with Bill and Thomas again Hope + Aly's death and Ivy's accidents + her miscarriage (and divorcing him) + sleeping with his brother and his father, I understand better why he was so attracted to Hope when she finally returned. Not that Hope doesn't have her own baggage and her own share of mistakes/cheating and accidents, but after being bullied-cheated-mistreated by Steffy for so many years, it was a nice change.

Maya and Rick's wedding was beautiful, but I can't forget about what they'd put Aly, Ivy, Caroline and Nicole through. I have nothing about transgender women but after the way she lied to Rick for so many months, he gave her a free pass and forgave her immediately. Way too unrealistic. And 3 years later, they were divorced and they couldn't even explain why. There was no closure and we may never find out why they split. I do hope Bell is sincere when he says he may bring back the Avants.

yeah that Maya was a piece of work, dont miss her one bit

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