Liam Finds the Paternity Test (General)

by apbas88 @, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 9:20PM (89 days ago) @ AmazingHope

These episodes were incredible!! It was great to see this again. Steffy went through it all:

1. Panic - first thought...self preservation..deny..lie

2. Rightous indignation. Being annoyed that Liam was in her purse. Lol

3. Deflect...try to move past quickly

4. Desperate to not identify. Saying the identity of the man wasn't important. Bargaining and promising to be the perfect wife if he'll forgot about it.

5.Finally cornered...has to fully admit the truth. Blurts it out.

The one point that still bothers me though is that no one finds out that she never planned to tell Liam. That she went to Bill to swear him to secrecy. They are all to quick to jump on the traumatized Steffy narrative so she should be forgiven within days. Ridiculous.

Steffy with her father in law and not knowing who knocked her up was too disgusting for anyone to get mad at her trying to keep that secret forever.

I mean who does that? Have sex with your father in law then go home to renew your vows/sleep with your husband? Gross :puke

THAT'S the part that isn't stressed/judged enough. She never planned to come clean. She went through with a ceremony. Liam should have never let these points go. You never heard Ridge come up with excuses for that stuff either. Lol

Totally not true.

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