Quinn needs a storyline

EnuffAlready, Texas, 6/30/2020, 7:37PM(400 days ago) @l.c

Not just Liam. There was also Deacon, Sheila, Aly and she endangered Ivy, Liam, Ridge's lives and I am forgetting some. She never denied the murder of Rcardo. Just because the police didn't have enough evidences against her doesn't make her innocent.

Your initial post said that she was a SERIAL KILLER - there has been NOTHING shown or mentioned that she has killed MULTIPLE PEOPLE for goodness sake! Trying to, planning to, wanting to doesn't make her a serial KILLER, so your post is incorrect. I realize that her character was brought on to be evil, devious, and all kinds of bad, but she cannot be claimed as a serial killer when Bell has never indicated she is a serial murderer, and that is the problem with your post. It is not the truth.

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