Brad Bell on Annika Noelle's portrayal of Hope (General)

by Barbybo, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 2:27PM (89 days ago) @ Steffyfanatic

Brad Bell:
"I was blown away, I mean wow she is such an honest and thoughtful, caring, beautiful, pure actress. She's really the lead reason why we were able to play it out for 9 months."

9 months. It could have been longer had they wrote solid B stories and utilized the other actors. I’ve seen baby switch storylines that last for 1-2 years but the soap had other storylines to offer so the viewers weren’t suffocated and ready to quit if the storyline didn’t come to an end. Annika pulled a heavy load for a newbie to daytime and she did a good job. I know it had to be exhausting.

It was definitely a heavy storyline. The main complaint I have is the lack of concurrent storylines. They could have gotten more mileage from it, and a bigger share of the ratings.

I agree.

You mean drag it on? I couldn’t wait fir it to mean Steffy raise the kid or something ? They had the transgender hot topic look how that ended gal gone....She was to be his new star tons of publicity etc..I am sick of lope

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