Brad Bell on Annika Noelle's portrayal of Hope (General)

by viennagirl @, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 7:11AM (90 days ago) @ FancyGirl

Brad Bell:
"I was blown away, I mean wow she is such an honest and thoughtful, caring, beautiful, pure actress. She's really the lead reason why we were able to play it out for 9 months."

Yeah they played it out for 9 LONG months. Was sooo sick of this whole storyline by the time it finally ended. Thank goodness it's over.

possibly the longest running SL in history :-P

Baby swapps are usually longer than 9 months on soaps. It was dragged out for years on Y&R and GH. The mother only got her child back when he was graduating. They wrapped it up quite fast, on B&B. They could have extended it a lot more. Zoe-Shauna-Flo weren't going to say anything. If Douglas hadn't overheard his dad and told Liam, it woud only be the beginning of it...

It is really a subjective matter.

I read on many boards how it already dragged out too long for Lope fans, Hope fans, who did not like that Hope missed so many months of being a mother to her first child, missed mile stones of her daughter's growing up (first words, first steps,....).

And at that same time I saw fans (who always have been fans of Leffy) stating that they don't want the reveal to happen too fast because it would be more dramatic if the child would be older and only looking at Steffy as her mother.
These fans stated that baby reveals generally drag out for much longer and that there would be no payoff if it is addressed too quickly and Lope just gets their daughter back.
Others then pushing for their dream ending that Lope in the end should find out that baby Beth isn't really their Beth, so that Steffy should be able to keep her (and Liam?, who had been set up as the girl's father from the moment Steffy adopted her? ).

I don't mind fans wishing for Lope or Leffy.
BUT I had stopped enjoying the boards, when I read fans wishing for Hope's unborn baby to die, to be miscarried again, wishing that she stays dead, wishing that Phoebe would be the child of someone totally different...... , even calling for the child to develop a fatal illness.

I am happy that the "kidnapped and sold child to pay gambling debts"- SL had ended and we can have other SL's again.

Steffy has her daughter, Hope has her daughter back - the mother's have their children at least - I don't mind Liam waffling (as he and all the main male characters do).

I am glad that it had been handled quicker than on Y&R.

I am just disappointed in the way they wrapped it up. No Taylor there to confront and call out Buckingham.
Buckingham having been judged and sentenced offscreen and no confrontations with the parents of the child he took and sold.
They ALL had trusted him.
And he betrayed his patient, the baby's parents in the worst way, while he then "comforted" them about their loss and that they can just try for another baby (now that he had reduced them to unwilling surrogates) betrayed Taylor's trust by offering her a kidnapped baby for adoption.

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