BB Wins Best Writing Team (General)

by Ozboldfan, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 5:02AM (11 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

The Emmy goes to the Bold and Beautiful Writing Team for the Baby Beth storyline!!!

Fantastic..congrats to Bell! IMO, Lope are Bell’s super couple in the younger generation. Bell has now won two Emmy’s for two different Lope songs. Plus, another Emmy for Lope’s baby Beth s/l. Hopefully, moving forward, he’ll write something exciting for Lope soon. :dance4

Doubt it....they have no chemistry and are boreing....jmo

Agree. MA was featured in the clip shown during the Emmys. Thomas saved the s/l IMO. Lope is a complete bore. I hope they leave Liam completely out of Steffy's new s/l. I enjoy Lope being the happy little family on the backburner.

That would be up to Steffy. If Steffy's new man isn't a full blown psychopath or a child abuser to Kelly, Liam will have no reason to insert himself. He has already told Steffy he wishes she'll find a good man. He even encouraged her to date. If this new guy is nice and Liam becomes jealous, leaves Hope and wants Steffy back, that would be a complete rewrite.
Steffy being free from Lope is only up to her. She tried to insert herself between Lope the moment they hooked up in 2010. 12 months later she became the master manipulator. She continued to chase Liam for 2 years after he reunited with Hope. She returned from Paris and immediately targetted him. In 2020 she inserted herself again with her brother's help. If anyone needs to stay completely out of Lope's drama, it's Steffy. Liam will regularly come to see her because they co-parent Kelly, but he's made it clear he doesn't want to be with her. If she accepts his decision and sincerely appreciates her guy (and isn't pining for Liam the way she was when she was with Wyatt) there should be no problem for her.

Hope made a beeline for Liam as soon as she got back from Milan too

And she found him miserable and separated from his adulterous wife who betrayed him in the worst way possible..with his father of all people. Leffy imploded all on their own.

except Liam forgave steffy for all that, it was Hope that kept pushing and eventually succeeded in getting pregnant to seal the deal

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