Steffy Spoiler (Spoilers)

BoldReason, 6/30/2020, 1:30AM(401 days ago) @Barbybo

Many think this is a black man for Steffy. Why would that be?
The movement is about injustice and change not about interracial relationships.
Loving vs the state of Virginia resolved the issue of interracial marriages. As I recall interracial relationships is not a World Wide issue. It is accepted and embraced in most countries not so much in the U.S.

It would be wonderful to see Steffy fight for injustice against bigotry and fight for change.

I don't think the interracial relationship itself would be the social issue. More what you've described in your last sentence.

People are used to the interracial must be something else...

Unless Steffy is dating a black man pulled over by the police illegally and assaulted! What if she was in a car with Carter and they were pulled over by a racist cop? What if Carter or this new character was nearly killed for no true reason other than being black? If Bell does this storyline, it would be topical and reflect what is going on all over the world with the Black Lives Matter movement. Steffy could her privilege as a wealthy white woman to speak up against racism. This would be the storyline of the year if it’s done!

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