Brad Bell on Annika Noelle's portrayal of Hope (General)

by FancyGirl, Monday, June 29, 2020, 10:40PM (11 days ago) @ BBDownunder

Brad Bell:
"I was blown away, I mean wow she is such an honest and thoughtful, caring, beautiful, pure actress. She's really the lead reason why we were able to play it out for 9 months."

Yeah they played it out for 9 LONG months. Was sooo sick of this whole storyline by the time it finally ended. Thank goodness it's over.

possibly the longest running SL in history :-P

Baby swapps are usually longer than 9 months on soaps. It was dragged out for years on Y&R and GH. The mother only got her child back when he was graduating. They wrapped it up quite fast, on B&B. They could have extended it a lot more. Zoe-Shauna-Flo weren't going to say anything. If Douglas hadn't overheard his dad and told Liam, it woud only be the beginning of it...


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