Quinn needs a storyline

MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, 6/29/2020, 8:18PM(477 days ago) @l.c

Villains usually pay for their crimes. Sheila went to jail for 10 years. Deacon is in jail. Pam had a brain tumor. In the nineties their were 2 big male villains, one got killed off and the other one went to jail. No jail for Thomas, but at least he lost everything, fell off a cliff and his entire family disowned him. Quinn has never, ever, ever paid for a single thing she has done. She isn't just "naughty" She is a serial killer rapist kidnapper. And she got rewarded for her crimes instead of paying. No jail, no illness, no brain tumor, no consequences at all.

Killer? Rapist?

Unfortunately, she didn't succeed with Liam. :lol

There is no Hope for this show :wink

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