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EsterMD @, Somewhere in the Local Group!!!, 6/29/2020, 1:40PM(401 days ago) @PatriotGirl

Happy is rarely the good formula for Steffy. Of course, the same can be said about Hope & Liam.
She could have been happy with Liam the 2ND time they got married. She chose to ride a motorcycle & divorce him & ran to Paris.
She could have bee happy the 3RD time she married Liam. Being with him was her choice. She left Wyatt for him. But after 6 months of marriage, she had sex with another man.
She could have been happy with Wyatt; even if he tricked & manipulated her. No one made her leave her husband the way she did.
Even with Marcus & Rick, I believe it could have worked. The breakup with Marcus was 100% on her. The one with Rick was 50/50.
Even if her man is A) not another psycho stalker & B) loyal & honest; how long can she be happy with him until she wants Liam back or finds another better guy???
Now like I said, it's not just Steffy. This is how the triangle works. LOPE have never been happy for long either. Same for LivY, HOTT or THOPE. Every time one of these 3 is happy in a relationship., it means back burner land. & a new S/L basically means the end of the couple. :oops :oops :oops

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