Steffy Spoiler (Spoilers)

ShirleyB#1, 6/29/2020, 12:43PM(401 days ago) @cranberryboy

What could the "issue in the US and around the world" be?... Is she going to date a black guy? she was already with Marcus years ago and there was no issue... What if the guy is transgender or has some kind of pathology/illness?... Maybe she dates a guy and finds out he's related to her (another son of Massimo or a son of Zach, Taylor's brother)... IDK...
That sounds intriguing and not so promising at the same time...

MAybe the issue is the coronavirus, and they have to date with masks on. lol. I mean that IS in the US AND around the world.

virus, trade wars, and rioting is all I've seen lately.

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