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What could the "issue in the US and around the world" be?... Is she going to date a black guy? she was already with Marcus years ago and there was no issue... What if the guy is transgender or has some kind of pathology/illness?... Maybe she dates a guy and finds out he's related to her (another son of Massimo or a son of Zach, Taylor's brother)... IDK...
That sounds intriguing and not so promising at the same time...

Maybe she dates a black guy and they face some racism. That certainly is a big current issue. Huge right now.

It's about time they added some diversity to the cast.

Justin, Dayzee, Marcus, Carter, Maya, Julius and Vivian Avant, Beverly, Othello, Xander, Emma, Dr Buckingham and daughter Zoe, Zende, Sasha, Lt Baker... probably more but that's off the top of my head.

Nicole Avant, Ruthanne Owens, Anthony Walker, Kevin and Keith Anderson, Charlie Baker (the son), Jimmy Ramirez, Jasmine Malone, Hudson, Adèle, Danny, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Phillips

Not Beverly, on the other hand

Beverly was a Latina woman, I believe - not black, but a woman of color

Team Liam Logan!!!
Lope 4EVA
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