Quinn needs a storyline

Barbybo, 6/28/2020, 5:02AM(403 days ago) @Freya

I love the acctress she’s best when naughtie and she does a great slap down when she floored Brooke I actually hit rewind....she also is good at comedy locking up liam in steam room and elevater they played well off each other...they need to write something juicy for this gal....her and ridge had chemistry ...I do like her with Eric thou ....hope she gets a decent script.....some of these characters are used as walk ins even Bill..too bad

I believe Quinn's marriage to Eric needs to end. She became boring ever since she was married off to him. She had more storylines when she was a straight up villain going after Liam. Thomas was made into the new villain but he's gone now.

Quinn should be more involved in the Sally, Wyatt, Flo drama. I think Sally's being turned into the new bad guy.

She is good naughtie...I ff flo...she should be gone...

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