BB winning Best Costume Design

Ozboldfan, 6/28/2020, 4:59AM(403 days ago) @EnuffAlready

That was a category I was surprised with :lol Well i think it certainly wasnt for Hope's wardrobe or Flo's. Or many others of late too to be fair:-P :-P :-P :-P

I watched one of the submissions and it had Ridge doing an alteration on a model so I am thinking it may be for their runway dresses of which we have seen almost nothing of these days with the lack of fashion shows.

Must have been definitely wasn’t Hope...or flos shorty shorts

DEFINIELY not Hope's frumpy wardrobe! I simply cannot understand what is up with her wardrobe, especially after what gorgeous clothes KM's Hope wore!

This Hope is now written a geezer at 32...guess the outfits match her character...

It's like the huge difference between RM's Ridge and TK's Ridge - nothing similar about either recast.

so true

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