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by Hit-Girl, Saturday, June 27, 2020, 6:15PM (94 days ago) @ Steffyfanatic

He help carry the show for months! I’m surprised he didn’t submit anything for nomination.

I regret he chose not to submit anything! I already found hime excellent at Caroline's funerals, in his opening episodes! Even if he turned out bad later, his tears and his heartbreak looked so sincere! For around 4 weeks, everyone thought he was gonna play a nice character! There were even threads about how how kind he seemed...then of course, they took him in the opposite direction, it all started when he told Sally about his feelings for Hope and sent Liam to Paris! I liked the scenes when he threatens Flo Zoe and Xander! His fight with Liam on the rooftop and when he begged Hope not to leave him before he left with the helicopter... Most of his scenes with Douglas (minus the one when he yells at him) His scenes with Ridge at the hospital, when they talk about Emma's death! I hope we'll see more of him soon, and they show a different side of his character!

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