The following B&B cast got an Emmy nomination (General)

by Barbybo, Sunday, May 24, 2020, 11:51AM (130 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

Thorsten Kaye - Best Actor
Heather Tom - Best Actress
Katherine Kelly Lang - Best Actress
Annika Noelle - Best Supporting Actress

Congrats to all!

I would like to know why AN is in the supporting category when she dominated the episode counts of ALL daytime soaps, and the last 2 years almost exlusively revolved around hope.

Also, did SC turn anything in? He usually does i think.

You are right, AN did top the episode count list for 2019. I have never heard of an actress who led the episode count for the entire year for all the soaps nominating in the supporting catagory.

I have heard of it..JMW did it before AN came along. It's not the first time an actress who dominated the screen and had the highest episode counts of anyone in all soaps and nominated in the supporting category and most likely won't be the last either.

Patriotgirl already posted JMW's supporting actress Emmy reel in this thread from 2018.

JMW was in the supporting catagory for 2018, which covered the episodes in 2017. She did not lead the episode counts for the entire year over 2017. The actress that led the counts was Amelia Heinle with 175.

In comparison AN led the episode count for 2019 with 202; she was in 64 more episodes than the next actress from another soap and 37 more than the next actress from B&B (which was KKL). That is completely dominating the episode number on all counts. So she really should have submitted in lead. The idea that she submitted because she is a newbie doesn't hold up since JMW submitted in supporting in 2018.

I don't only look at 2017. I know JMW dominated B&B episode counts for MULTIPLE years (since her return in 2015)..and at one point she led the episode counts in all soaps..which tells me she's been in the lead role for a good long while with many major s/l's, yet she did not submit in the lead actress category until 2019!

If we are going purely by episode counts, JMW should have submitted in the lead category before 2019, but she didn't. Like I said in my other post, maybe the Emmy's look at seniority..and if that is the case, then it makes sense.

What I said above, "I have never heard of an actress who led the episode count for the entire year for all the soaps nominating in the supporting catagory." and you told me that JMW had done exactly that: "I have heard of it..JMW did it before AN came along."

The numbers show that JMW in fact did not lead in episode counts over all the soaps the year that she submitted to supporting actress. No actress that I can find led in episode counts overall the year when they nominated in a supporting catagory.

What difference does it really make? Bottom line for me is that JMW led B&B in episode counts for multiple years..and AN did this past year. JMW probably wasn't the first leading actress to entered the supporting category and AN probably won't be the last either. I'm done here.

It matters because a young actress who worked her heart out is not getting the recognition that she deserves! In my opinion, the show requested this hard working actress drop down to supporting because the production felt that she could not win! Newsflash...Annika has the best chance against Maura West because of the shear amount of emotional performances she put in! I will be surprised if KKL would win against West, and Heather Tom? Again excuse me, what did she do in comparison to Maura West? This was a political decision on the part of Bell and co. They know that the baby switch storyline was derided and they are trying to put distance away from it by putting on HT and KKL for the best actress nod!

No doubt in my mind that AN was phenomenal in the Beth s/l. it showed the depth of her acting skills..she was simply amazing. Perhaps, you are right that this is all politics by Bell..given that KKL and HT are both veteran soap actresses and AN is such a newbie compared to them. JMO.

Length of time on a soap should not be considered for nomination jmo

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