Bold Story 16 : Deacon-Amber-Rick and Morgan-Taylor (2001) (General)

by Ozboldfan, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 6:45PM (9 days ago) @ Soap-Passion

2 random episodes I found; from March 2001. It involves Morgan and her kidnapping of Taylor and Steffy, and some drama with Rick, Amber, Deacon and little Eric.

Brief recap :
Morgan and Tim are holding Taylor and Steffy hostage. They allow her to see her daughter then they tell Taylor not to escape and threaten her with a rottweiler. Taylor and Morgan talk about losing children. Taylor begs her to let her go and promises not to report her. She wonders if Morgan is still after her husband Ridge.
Brooke and Thorne (who were together at the time) discuss Rick and Amber, who are planning to get married again, but he saw her kissing Deacon. Deacon wants to take her out for dinner but she refuses. Deacon still hopes to raise little Eric with Amber. Brooke advises her son to break up with Amber. He calls her and calls off the wedding. Brooke is happy about the breakup and taunts her, but Rick is devastated.

Episode #3513. Airdate : March 23, 2001.

Episode #3514. Airdate : March 26, 2001.

i remember this episode well, i enjoyed this era of BB

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